Ertuğrul Tabyası (Fort No. 1)

Armament: two 240 mm L/35 guns

One of 240/35 guns and fort's personnel at the beginning of 20th century. (Piotr Nykiel's collection)

Fort Ertuğrul on the picture taken after April 25, 1915. Note the remains of 240/35 gun destroyed by Queen Elizabeth on February 25, 1915. The fort, abandoned and uncared-for deteriorated. In recent years it was renovated in a very unprofessional way.

(Visé Paris No. 1301 - Piotr Nykiel's collection)

One of destroyed 240/35 guns on a picture taken by the British shortly after April 25, 1915 landings. Note the ruins of the fort's barracks in the left background.

(Central News - Piotr Nykiel's collection)

Another piece of the destroyed 240/35 guns on a picture taken in 1930's.

(Piotr Nykiel's collection)

Remnants of the same gun in early 2000's - shortly before the fort was "renovated"...

(Photo: Piotr Nykiel)

...and just after.

(Photo: Piotr Nykiel)

Fort Ertuğrul in its present shape (in 2008).

(Photo: Piotr Nykiel)

Fort's main shelter and ammunition store.

(Photo: Piotr Nykiel)

Leg of a Turkish artilleryman lost on February 25, 1915 and found during the last “restoration” works.

(Photo: Piotr Nykiel)


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