HMS Queen Elizabeth


Some time ago a top secret picture of HMS Qeen Elizabeth

(Piotr Nykiel's collection)

An official picture of HMS Queen Elizabeth

(Piotr Nykiel's collection)

Queen Elizabeth in the Dardanelles

(Piotr Nykiel's collection)

Queen Elizabeth's main 381 mm (15 in) guns and the crew's mascot. A picture taken in the Dardanelles in 1915.

(MC - Piotr Nykiel's collection)


A Turkish MP officer responsible for defusing the unexploded shells poses for a picture with a 15 in shell fired by HMS Queen Elizabeth on March 18, 1915.

(Harp Umumi Panoraması)

A writer from the delegation of literates sent to Gallipoli o July 1915 by the order of Enver Pasha posing with another shell from Queen Elizabeth 's heaviest guns.

(Harp Mecmuası)



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